AI Solutions for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

In the current labor market, many small and midsize retailers are struggling to fill open positions. This means less staff to stock shelves, monitor inventory, and perform other tasks to keep a business running smoothly. Artificial Intelligence technologies provide an intelligent, cost-effective solution for retailers to reduce tedious work, automate and improve processes, and elevate the shopping experience. Image detection and recognition technologies, along with machine learning, are key to improving on-shelf conditions and helping drive incremental sales.

Infolytx can help your store or retail chain realize these opportunities by leveraging AI to:

Reduce Front Office Workload

Manage On-Shelf Availability

Efficient management of on-shelf availability and inventory is key to keeping customers satisfied and reducing lost sales. Conventional shelf monitoring is tedious and labor-intensive and often leads to persistent availability problems, inventory inefficiencies and, ultimately, lost revenue.

Our Retailytx™ solution, which can be integrated with static on-shelf cameras, CCTV sensors or mobile devices, automates store shelf monitoring and alerts personnel of out-of-stock situations via KPIs and dashboards.

Predictive Modeling

Maintain Service Agreement Compliance

Ensuring your stores comply with the pre-set planogram in your service agreement is critical. Yet many retailers struggle to stay compliant, particularly when faced with a shortage of workers and high turnover.

Our AI-enabled, retail-focused solution automates the audit process enabling you to quickly and easily spot inventory, positioning, price or promotional issues using images from static on-shelf cameras, CCTV sensors or mobile devices.

Remote Monitoring AI

Monitor Best Selling Products

Don’t need a store-wide on-shelf monitoring program, but want to keep watch on your best selling or highest-grossing products?

Our Retailytx™ solution works with static on-shelf cameras, CCTV sensors or mobile devices to provide an automated shelf or product monitoring solution that alerts store personnel when items run low.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

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Retailytx® – Shelf Out-of-Stock Solution

Retailytx® uses our Deep Vision™ AI Accelerator to identify products on store shelves in order to alert retail store and procurement administrators of shelf out-of-stock situations via KPIs and dashboards.