AI Solutions for the Recruiting Industry

A technical job opening can yield hundreds of emails and applications. As a result, your recruiters spend 5-7 seconds, on average, per resume. Unfortunately, this manual process is fraught with error and personal bias that can often result in qualified technical candidates being overlooked. Artificial Intelligence technologies can transform this process by reducing tedious work, adding smarter processes, and accelerating the candidate shortlisting process.

Infolytx can help your recruiting firm or staffing agency realize these opportunities by leveraging AI to:

Reduce Front Office Workload

Accelerate Candidate Shortlist Process

Our success with Executive Search firms to better match candidates to available positions led to additional refinements to our BestFit™ shortlisting API. BestFit matches or exceeds the results of established players, particularly in IT recruitment, greatly reducing the effort and cost of screening large candidate pools and enabling faster placement.

Predictive Modeling

Implement Recruitment Chatbot

Using our HAL™ AI accelerator, Infolytx develops conversational agents to automate and streamline the job application process. We can fast-track chatbot implementation to support both text or voice dialog responses to populate online applications, verify applicant credentials, and pre-screen candidates.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Examples of Our AI Work for the Recruiting Industry