AI Solutions for Marketing Services

Artificial Intelligence technologies are transforming the Marketing Services industry by reducing tedious work, adding smarter processes and realizing better value for the brands they support. In fact, a McKinsey analysis of more than 400 advanced use cases showed that marketing was an area where AI would contribute the greatest value.

Infolytx can help your agency or marketing department realize these opportunities by leveraging AI to:

Reduce Front Office Workload

Accelerate Retail Compliance Audits

One of the strongest cases for using AI technology is in the Merchandising and Point of Sale audit process. Today audits by third-party agents, field reps, and retail partners are mostly manual, and unfortunately, subject to bias and error.

Our Deep Vision™ image recognition and object detection technology, along with machine learning algorithms, can automatically assess and identify planogram, price, and promotion issues using images from static on-shelf cameras, CCTV sensors, or mobile devices.

Predictive Modeling

Identify Inaccurate POP Signage

Do you know if your Point of Purchase promotional signage is being displayed correctly? High turnover and a shortage of retail employees often make point of purchase compliance a low priority for many stores.

Our Deep Vision™ object detection accelerator can manage this process by teaching camera systems to monitor and recognize inaccurate signage and alert staff to fix signs and POP displays.

Remote Monitoring AI

Ensure Marketing Content Compliance

Making certain all your content meets brand standards (colors, logos, copy, etc.) and any regulatory requirements (disclaimers, sizing requirements, etc) is still a manual, tedious process for most marketing departments. A single compliance breach or governance issue can quickly undermine the launch of an innovative marketing campaign.

Our Visualytx™ image recognition and object detection technology, along with our TextMiner™ accelerator, can be used to automatically assess content (images and text) and identify issues, such as incorrect disclaimers, colors, logos, product placement, etc.

Medical Signage

Generate Product Recommendations

Recommender systems based on consumer behavior and purchase patterns are an increasingly important marketing and sales feature driven by AI. Natural Language Processing-based recommendation engines are a key driver for boosting cross and up-selling opportunities on websites, in outbound marketing campaigns, and in in-person or telephone sales settings.

Tap our experience building recommendation engines for pharmaceutical representatives, fast food outlets, and others to help you build a custom solution for your client or company.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business