AI Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Artificial Intelligence technologies can transform your healthcare practice by reducing tedium and costs and elevating the patient experience. According to a McKinsey study, up to 70% of a healthcare practitioner’s time is spent on routine, administrative tasks, which AI can help remove or minimize.

Since 2015, Infolytx has been building solutions for healthcare and has a deep understanding of this ever-changing, highly regulated environment. Our skilled engineering staff develop products that utilize a full stack of rich clinical data, collected both automatically and manually including demographics, laboratory results, doctors notes, imaging, and billing information. Our interface developers are HL7® FHIR® capable and experienced at integrating with EHRs, HIEs, and other Health IT applications. Learn more about our healthcare expertise.

Infolytx can help your medical practice leverage AI-powered solutions to:

Reduce Front Office Workload

Reduce Front Office Staff Workload

Your front office staff spends considerable time helping patients determine which doctor or department they should see about their symptoms, and managing appointment scheduling. To alleviate these problems, we offer Clara™, a purpose-built chatbot powered by our HAL conversational AI framework.

Predictive Modeling

Assist Patient Recovery

One of the most exciting uses of AI is for treatment adherence. Our HAL conversational AI framework can be used to design a friendly, talking avatar for your patients who will send them reminders about medications and appointments, proactively check in to gather self-assessments, and follow up with them on their treatment plans.

Remote Monitoring AI

Remotely Monitor Eldercare Residents

With the healthcare worker shortage at an all-time high, AI provides many unique solutions to support patient care at eldercare and assisted living facilities. Our Deep Care™ Activity Recognition app allows Certified Nursing Assistants and nurses to remotely monitor the ambulatory status of residents using wearables or smartphones.

Medical Signage

Identify Non-Compliant Medical Signage

In addition to the Americans with Disabilities Act signage requirement, some states, such as New York, have imposed additional healthcare sign mandates on physician practices. Do you know if your signs are compliant? Our Deep Vision™ object detection and TextMiner™ AI accelerators together can be used to automate this visual inspection process.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Why Work With Infolytx on Your Healthcare Challenges

See Some of Our AI Work for Healthcare


My Mindful Buddy: Conversational AI Agent

Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build My Mindful Buddy™ - a medication reminder app. It draws inspiration from the documented therapeutic effects of ‘therapy dogs’ where an anthropomorphic dog acts as a friendly virtual assistant.


DeepCare: Activity Recognition App

Our DeepCare solution allows Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and nurses to monitor the ambulatory status of residents at eldercare and assisted living facilities.


CLARA™ – Virtual Digital Assistant for Health Providers

Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build Clara to help patients find doctors at healthcare facilities in a conversational manner. Named after Clara Burton, the founder of the American Red Cross, our NLP-powered virtual assistant asks patients about their symptoms before recommending a physician.