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Recruiting Shortlist with AI

Accelerate Your IT Candidate Screening and Shortlist Process with BestFit AI

Add automated, accurate IT candidate match and rank capabilities to your recruiting process with our advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

Eliminate the costly, time-consuming, error-prone manual resume review and keyword search process. With BestFit recruiters have an easy-to-use solution that quickly evaluates thousands of technical resumes and CVs and generates a set of applicants that best match the open position.

Candidates are then scored and ranked based on their skills, certifications, career histories, and how well they match specific position and employer criteria. Within seconds recruiters have a shortlist of the most desirable candidates to contact.

Add These Capabilities to Your Technical Talent Search

Reduce Front Office Workload

Information Extraction

Resumes with misspellings, poor format and incomplete data can cause a well-qualified candidate to get overlooked. Our advanced natural language processing engine, specifically tailored for technical resumes, extracts and makes sense of structured and unstructured content, domain-specific vocabulary, and even common misspellings.

Predictive Modeling

Superior Matching

BestFit compares a candidate’s entire resume to each open job, checking first the relevancy of their experience and skills against the roles’ requirements. Then our matching algorithm applies additional parameters of the position or employer, such as candidates’ proximity to the job location or schools attended.

Remote Monitoring AI

Objective Ranking

Don’t let unintentional (or intentional) bias influence who makes the short list. BestFit matches candidates based on objective data points in their resume and scientifically scores and ranks them against the job criteria. Our ranking engine also disregards keyword stuffing, a common tactic to boost a resume higher on keyword searches.

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Adjustable Scoring

An employer may require certain certifications or prefer an engineer with project management experience. Recruiters can easily adjust the weight of certain parameters in the scoring model to fine-tune the ranked candidate list.

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Similarity Search

Found the perfect candidate and want to find more like them? Want to show a candidate jobs similar to the one they just applied to? BestFit can be easily configured to perform similarity searches based on a candidate or position.

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Candidate Job Search

Extend BestFit to your website’s job search engine. Allow job seekers to search your database and receive a matched and ranked list of positions based on their resume. Applicants can adjust the weight of certain parameters to fine-tune their results.

Ready to Streamline Your Shortlisting Process?

Why Choose BestFit?

We make it easy and cost-effective for recruiters and executive search firms to add automated, accurate IT candidate match and rank capabilities to their IT candidate review process. Here is why our solution is a market standout for the information technology recruiting industry:

  • Industry Focused

Built to meet the specific requirements of information technology recruiters.

  • Simple Integration

Straightforward, easy-to-integrate API works with any recruiting or Applicant Tracking software.

  • Fast and Scalable

Built with the enterprise in mind, BestFit’s API can quickly batch process huge volumes of resumes in any format.

  • Secure

All data is encrypted in transit. We use the highest level of cloud-based security requirements available.

  • Customizable API

Our AI engineers can fine-tune the API or model to handle any enhanced matching requirements.

What problem are you trying to solve?

How do I recommend jobs similar to jobs a candidate applied to?2020-06-26T22:03:11+00:00

Our API can match a job description to other job descriptions to find similar openings to present to a candidate.

How do I find the best candidates for a job?2020-06-26T22:15:06+00:00

Our API can match a candidate to a job description, as well as a job description to a candidate. In addition, you can match candidates to candidates (perhaps your client hired someone and is looking for similar candidates) and job description to job description (if you need to find several similar positions to present to a candidate).

Can my recruiters still use the Boolean strings they love?2020-06-26T22:19:02+00:00

Yes. Your recruiters’ Boolean strings can be used by the API to enhance the algorithm’s recommendations. The importance of these as parameters can be adjusted via weights. Keep in mind, if your weights are too high you lose the benefits of our AI-driven matching and your results will be inefficient and inaccurate.

How do I use BestFit to find the best jobs for a candidate?2020-06-26T22:19:20+00:00

Our API can match a job description to a candidate, as well as a candidate to a job description. In addition, you can match candidates to candidates (perhaps your client hired someone and is looking for similar candidates) and job description to job description (if you need to find several similar positions to present to a candidate).

Can I test the AI Matching?2021-12-13T23:08:04+00:00

You’re welcome to test the AI matching capability of BestFit. To do so, please contact us to see a live demo or to arrange a test drive. Send us a sample of resumes and job descriptions and we will return a ranked list of candidates.

If I have an ideal candidate, how do I find more like him/her?2021-09-23T00:23:48+00:00

Our API can take one candidate profile, match it to other candidates and provide a ranked list based on how closely they matched.

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