Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Our conversational agents are built on HAL™ – a proprietary conversational AI framework that integrates with existing conversational frameworks like IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Amazon Lex.

For our clients, we transform shallow out-of-the-box chatbots into domain aware intelligent conversational agents. We do this by both extending both what entities are understood and what intents are recognized. 

Examples of our conversational agents:

  • Anna Lytx – The Infolytx conversational agent that is a reference implementation that exhibits various features of the HAL engine
  • A Tech Support Agent – A conversational agent for an Amusement Park that acts as first-line support for maintenance and other issues. 
  • A Home Improvement Product Agent – A sales support conversational agent for a Home Improvement retail chain to assist with product information, choice, and purchase
  • My Mindful Buddy – A treatment-adherence mobile app for patients powered by conversational AI and voice-enabled technologies.
  • Clara – A provider search healthcare conversational agent

Learn more about HAL™

Hal™ allows our clients to rapidly develop and deploy task-directed Conversational AI agents that understand deep domain contexts.

What we can do for you

Build chatbots that serve as intelligent virtual agents assisting organizations in disparate areas such as sales, marketing, help-desk, customer service, etc. for a superior customer experience

Help companies embed conversational AI within existing business operations and products, thus automating or improving operations, and providing an improved experience for clients