Our Technologies

While as a software services and solutions firm we are technology agnostic, we also believe in using the most current and best of breed technologies to give our clients top performing software that is on time, on target, and on budget.

General Software Stack

Our software engineers have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the two most common software developments platforms today – dot Net and Java. Additionally, we have experts in JavaScript, Python, C++and many other common programming languages and frameworks.





Cloud Infrastructure

We ate intimately experienced with AWS infrastructure services. We have adopted AWS as our development platform and we have a dedicated CloudOps teams.

AWS Lambda

Amazon S3

Amazon EC2

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cloudformation

Amazon EMR

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon VPC

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Cloudsearch

Machine Learning – Deep Learning

Our Machine Learning experts are familiar with both traditional machine and deep learning algorithms. We use the appropriate technologies for the job at hand – whether firing up RapidMiner for quick prototyping, breaking out our MLLib library to run a few terabytes of data on Spark, run some regression models on SciKit learn, or fire-up Google’s TensorFlow for some deep Deep Learning.




Text Mining and Analytics

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text analytics teams are well versed applying both open sources and commercial text analytics packages. One day they might be using Apache cCtakes to identify and map ICD-10 codes in EHRs and on the other they might by using Watson and Diaologflow to create sentiment aware conversational agents.

Google Dialogflow

IBM Watson

Apache cTakes

Standford NLP

AR/VR and Advanced Visualization

Our team is well practiced in various AR/VR technologies and platforms, particularly with Unity.




Cinema 4D


Data Integration/Aggregation and Big Data

Data size does not scare us. Our developers are knowledgeable with Map-Reduce and have experience in building solutions on Big Data platforms such as Apache Hadoop, Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), and Apache Spark.


Apache Spark

Amazon EMR


Our engineers are equally comfortable developing for both relational and NoSQL data stores. They have worked with all the major players in this space.


Aurora Serverless

Microsoft SQL Server


Mobile and Web Applications

Our team is equally versatile developing apps for both Android and iOS platforms, whether natively or building cross-platform applications using tools such as Xamarin. For building web applications, we have a well-trained team familiar with latest CSS, HTML, JavaScript and web application frameworks such as AngularJS, ASP.net, and Ruby on Rails.