Our Processes

Agile * DevOps * CI/CD * TDD

A mindset

As we have matured our Agile process, we decided to take the next leap forward and apply agility and lean techniques to operations. We felt the best way to deliver on the promise of Agile was to optimize the entire delivery pipeline.

While the DevOps world is still evolving and new practices and tools are emerging, we realized early the value of DevOps and retooled our organization to be more nimble.

Developers, IT Operations, and QA are not ensconced in isolated silos. Operations and QA are involved from day one – right from release planning down into sprint planning. Along with user stories, we have non-functional stories about operations. From day one, our target is to have development, QA, release, and operations integrated.

At Infolytx, DevOps is more than a tool; it is a process. A mindset.