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Our team of developers will build, redesign, and customize AI-driven systems as part of your existing in-house team or on a turnkey basis to help you complete your project quickly and affordably.

Our Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Reduce Front Office Workload

Machine Learning

Our deep experience in Machine Learning enables us to apply the right blend of cutting-edge and classical approaches to solve your business needs. We program machine learning, deep learning, and other AI-powered network software systems into your current IT infrastructure.

Predictive Modeling

Computer Vision

We apply our expertise in computer vision technologies and algorithms to build custom computer vision apps for our clients, as well as utilize our computer vision accelerator for rapid development of applications that recognize, capture, and generate insights from images

Remote Monitoring AI

Conversational AI

Using our HAL™ AI Accelerator, we are able to build and deploy conversational agents rapidly on top of existing frameworks like IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Amazon Lex. Our agents are domain aware and are able to have deep context-aware conversations in order to meet specific end-user goals.

Medical Signage

Natural Language Processing

Our experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP), text representation, and analytics allow us to extract meaningful content from unstructured data and derive actionable insights. We have a deep understanding of healthcare data and are able to process, extract, and integrate information from a wide variety of clinical data.

What Do Our Clients Say About Working With Us?

“No hassles, no back and forth, no misunderstood requirements. My highest recommendations.”

Alex Apollonsky, CTO, Mana Health

“I used Infolytx to develop a proof of concept for an AI product. They succeeded in such a short order that I’ve now contracted Infolytx to do a full SaaS build-out of the product using AWS. They are moving with swiftness indicative of people who know what they are doing.”

Dr. Daniel Miranker, Professor, Serial Entrepreneur & Chief Scientist, TADA Systems

“For the past year, we have been working with Infolytx to develop Machine Learning technology to read data from images of various documents. Infolytx has successfully delivered to us a very tailored data analysis service which has massively improved our efficiency in analyzing the documents we receive from our customers. Their expertise in this field coupled with their skilled team members makes them very easy to work with. I highly recommend Infolytx for any AI projects.”

Kashfia Mahmud, CEO, Shadhin Fintech Solutions

“The team at Infolytx displayed skillful mastery of the job and delivered on-time and on-budget.”

Peter Rødbro, CEO, The Experience Ticket

“This is a team I look forward to working with in the years to come.”

Rafiq Ahmed, Managing Partner, Dipalo Ventures

AI Solutions We’ve Built

Discover how our powerful AI accelerators have changed the way our clients work.


DeepCare: Activity Recognition App

Our DeepCare solution allows Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and nurses to monitor the ambulatory status of residents at eldercare and assisted living facilities.


My Mindful Buddy: Conversational AI Agent

Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build My Mindful Buddy™ - a medication reminder app. It draws inspiration from the documented therapeutic effects of ‘therapy dogs’ where an anthropomorphic dog acts as a friendly virtual assistant.


CLARA™ – Virtual Digital Assistant for Health Providers

Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build Clara to help patients find doctors at healthcare facilities in a conversational manner. Named after Clara Burton, the founder of the American Red Cross, our NLP-powered virtual assistant asks patients about their symptoms before recommending a physician.


Client Solution: AI-powered SaaS for Tada Systems

Building out an enterprise AI-powered SaaS product using AWS for Tada Systems that leverages a novel pipelining of algorithms, one from each of three separate categories of AI/Big-Data challenges.


Recruiting with Conversational Agents

Using our HAL™ AI Accelerator, Infolytx can develop virtual agents to automate and streamline the job application process. This allows us to fast-track chatbot implementation by almost 50%.


Retailytx® – Shelf Out-of-Stock Solution

Retailytx® uses our Deep Vision™ AI Accelerator to identify products on store shelves in order to alert retail store and procurement administrators of shelf out-of-stock situations via KPIs and dashboards.

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