AI & Cognitive Systems

By combining best of breed technologies in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Extraction, and heuristics our experts build intelligent systems that enable organizations make smarter and faster decisions.

We have particular expertise in developing Cognitive Virtual Agents (smart chatbots)  in multiple domains. We are framework agnostic and have developed intelligent agents using diverse chat frameworks such IBM’s Watson, Google’s Dialogflow, and Amazon’s Alexa.

For our clients, we can extend out of the box Chatbots by integrating domain-specific knowledge and enhancing intelligent dialog. We do this by both extending both what entities are understood and what intents are recognized. With our extensive experience in information extraction and NLP, we can then extend the depth and breadth of the ability of these smart chatbots.

What we can do for you

Build cognitive chatbots that serve as intelligent virtual agents assisting organizations in disparate areas such as sales, marketing, help-desk, customer service, etc. for a superior customer experience

Help companies embed cognitive technologies within existing business operations and products, thus automating or improving operations, and providing an improved experience for clients