Why Infolytx

Why Infolytx


Our Vision

To be on the leading edge of using data in healthcare, retail,  and other high-tech industries. New developments and disruptions excite us. We at Infolytx stay on top of new advances in technology, processes, and players.

Our Focus

To handle, combine, clean, mine, interpret, visualize and present data in meaningful ways. This focus allows us to develop deep proficiency and competency that is deployed on behalf of our clients. We are very good at what we do.

Our People

To have the best and the brightest recruited and trained to form high-performing teams. We hire seasoned veterans for experience and young professionals for a fresh perspective! We foster a culture of innovation and encourage our engineers to be leaders in their fields.

Our Management

To have seasoned veterans of world-class technology firms guide our teams through the toughest challenges. This allows our teams to benefit from the most relevant experience and perspective needed to succeed.

Our Values

To have integrity, transparency and professional ethics in our practice of software development, deployment and support.You can trust us with your ideas, code, and strategies.

Our Promise

To have top-performing software on-time and on-budget, providing value that is on-target. With our multi-shore model, our expert North American project managers work with you and collaborate with our cutting-edge engineers in South Asia and elsewhere.