Launch Your AI Career With Infolytx

We look for people passionate about new technologies.

Our culture rewards energetic self-starters who want to make a difference by applying the latest and greatest technologies. We are not a command and control, hierarchical organization that dictates from above – we value each and every employee’s thinking and participation. Our leaders strive for openness and transparency with our teams and with our clients. Ours is a blend of a modern technology company’s free-spirited, out-of-box thinking combined with the ethos and discipline of a professional services firm. We encourage all prospective employees to spend some time with us to get a feel for what we are about!

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Working at Infolytx is more than just a paycheck.

Our diverse challenges from world-class enterprises will hone your skills beyond what most companies can offer. Our culture not only fosters innovation, creativity and independent thinking, but also allows you to grow as a leader, as a technologist, and as a person.

Just as we want our employees committed to us and our clients, we are equally committed to our employees. On-the-job training is supplemented by online and onsite training. And our growth plans will allow you to grow professionally in a career that you can design – whether locally or globally.

We’re committed to growing exceptional talent.

In 2019 we decided that Infolytx needed to “grow our own” talent. We contacted the top Computer Science departments at the leading universities where most of our applicants were from to find an initial pool of talent.

After a rigorous selection process, the initial cohort went through a challenging, comprehensive 3-month training program designed by our top engineers to match our needs and close our talent gaps. Using a mix of classroom and project work, we produced some very effective and promising engineers. Delighted with our results we repeated this process in 2021.

“An ideal workplace can be hard to come by. But if you are on an expedition to grow, learn, and persevere for excellence, you are just at the right place. Infolytx offers you an environment that lets you challenge yourself and push beyond the limit, aspires you to a greater height, and inspires you to be a better version of yourself!”

Samia Chowdhury, AI and ML Engineer

“I love working here because I get to chase my passion. I love working with AI as well as Software Engineering, and I spend my time at Infolytx building and improving AI models, doing research, improving algorithms, and doing hardcore software engineering. I love the open environment and the people around me who are highly professional and very friendly. We work hard, and we play hard.”

Falguni Das Suvo, AI & ML Engineer

“From my first day here, I have been learning new things every day. The best thing about Infolytx is its work culture and the intensive care about the process of building cutting-edge technologies. The culture is extremely supportive, motivates learning, and there’s mutual respect for one another. It is a privilege and an honor to work for Infolytx..”

Sadia Afrin Purba, AI and ML Engineer