Retailytx® uses our Deep Vision™ AI Accelerator to identify products on store shelves in order to alert retail store and procurement administrators of shelf out-of-stock situations via KPIs and dashboards.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces loss of revenue by alerting to OOS events and ensuring high volume and high margin products are always available for sale

  • Reduces operational costs by reducing staff time to determine OOS events and planogram anomalies

  • Adds SKUs rapidly to monitor without needing Machine Learning experts

Key Features

  • Leverages a cloud-based platform that uses AI to improve retail efficiencies currently focused on OOS events but extendable to Price Tag alerts, Planogram adherence, Brand Shelf Share analysis, and other such uses.

  • Allows non-technical staff to train models without Machine Learning specialist intervention.

  • Supports rapid deployment of models by needing a much smaller data set for training.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business