Using our HAL™ AI Accelerator, Infolytx develops conversational agents to automate and streamline the job application process. This allows us to fast-track chatbot implementation by almost 50%.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the number of candidate applications that do not meet the job requirements of the opening by requiring specific answers to the virtual agent’s questions.

  • Allows your recruiters to focus on the candidates most likely to qualify for the next round of interviews.

  • Increases your agency’s responsiveness to candidates by automating the FAQs and filtering for roles.

Key Features

  • Undertakes deep task-directed conversations, maintains the conversational context deep into a dialog, and brings along the suitable candidates into your agency’s application process.

  • Supports both text or voice dialog responses.

  • Provides APIs for integration with recruiting and application tracking systems.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business