Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build My Mindful Buddy™ – a medication reminder app. It draws inspiration from the documented therapeutic effects of ‘therapy dogs’ where an anthropomorphic dog acts as a friendly virtual assistant.

Key Benefits

  • Increases treatment adherence by reminding patients of their medications and appointments.

  • Reduces no-shows at the practice thereby increasing efficiencies and revenues

  • Part of a suite of products that are extensible to include new features such as sentiment analysis

Key Features

  • Offers prescription and appointment-driven reminders to take medication and not miss doctor’s appointments.

  • Dispenses general nutrition and wellness advice while engaging in ‘small talk’ to build rapport and engagement with patients.

  • Able to converse by both text and voice.

Demo: Medication Reminder

Demo: General Health Advice

Demo: Small Talk

Demo: Administration Backend

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business