Succeeding at Infolytx

What does it take to succeed at Infolytx?

Our Vision

To be on the leading edge of using data in the healthcare, retail, and other high-tech industries


Your Vision

To be on the forefront of new disruptions – you are not satisfied with the status quo and are willing to go the extra mile.

Our Focus

To handle, combine, clean, mine, interpret, visualize and present data in meaningful ways.

Your Focus

You believe in the power of ubiquitous computing and the value of empirical data.

Our People

To have the best and the brightest recruited and trained to form high-performing teams.


Your Ability

You excel individually but are not a lone wolf…You realize the best work is done by teams made up of the smartest people.

Our Leaders

To have seasoned veterans of world-class technology firms guide our teams through the toughest challenges.

Your Aspiration

You want to learn from the best and you want to tackle the problems faced by the world’s top enterprises.

Our Values

To have integrity, transparency and professional ethics in our practice of software development, deployment and support.

Your Values

You believe in hard work and fair play…you don’t cut corners…you demand the same of others.

Our Promise

To have top-performing software on-time, on-budget providing value that is on-target.

Your Commitment

You are responsible, you keep your promises…your word is gold.

We are creating a team of compelling people: high-performers, self-starters. Yes, we work hard but we also have fun while we are doing it.

We reward your innovation, drive, collaboration and resourcefulness with more than just praise. We have created a competitive compensation and benefits package that is among the best in the business.

We foster a culture that is founded on our core values that resonate across the company, whether as professionals, colleagues, friends, or peers.


Come join us, grow with us.

Take advantage of the unparalleled opportunities we see ahead.