Leverage Our AI Accelerators for Faster Solution Development

Our AI-based frameworks add powerful capabilities to existing products or can be leveraged to accelerate development of a custom solution.

Reduce Front Office Workload

Deep Vision™

Deep Vision™ Accelerator is an object detection and image classification framework for rapidly creating custom computer vision solutions and products.

  • Enables easy and automated monitoring of products, logos, and signage in a wide variety of retail environments.

  • Allows non-data scientists to train the system rapidly for custom object detection needs.

  • Supports rapid creation of new models for object detection by both Infolytx ML Engineers and automated machine learning.

Predictive Modeling

Text Miner™

Text Miner™ Accelerator is a text analytics framework that extracts and structures text information from images for subsequent analytics.

  • Extracts common named entities out-of-the-box such as people’s names, organization names, and addresses.

  • Provides functionality to extend names entity recognition to domain-specific entities

  • Allows for the rapid deployment of analytical products that require the extraction of high-quality structured text content from images.

Remote Monitoring AI


HAL™ Accelerator is our conversational AI framework for rapidly building domain-aware, task-directed conversational agents.

  • Integrates with existing platforms such as IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow, and Amazon Lex.

  • Supports deep task-directed conversations and maintains the conversational context deep into a dialog.

  • Facilitates specialized domain-aware dialog by integrating domain knowledge as knowledge graphs.

Our AI Accelerators Help Clients Solve Business Problems


CLARA™ – Virtual Digital Assistant for Health Providers

Our HAL™ AI Accelerator was used to build Clara to help patients find doctors at healthcare facilities in a conversational manner. Named after Clara Burton, the founder of the American Red Cross, our NLP-powered virtual assistant asks patients about their symptoms before recommending a physician.


Retailytx® – Shelf Out-of-Stock Solution

Retailytx® uses our Deep Vision™ AI Accelerator to identify products on store shelves in order to alert retail store and procurement administrators of shelf out-of-stock situations via KPIs and dashboards.

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business