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We provide fast and affordable custom AI solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, whether building, redesigning, or customizing AI-driven systems. We also offer a range of products to meet various client needs. Our AI accelerators add even more value, bringing powerful capabilities to existing products or accelerating the development of custom solutions for faster time-to-market.

Our Delivery Guarantee

Our client’s success is our number one focus. If our products and services fail to meet agreed on success metrics, we either fix the issues on our dime or tear up the invoice.

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Client Solution: AI-powered SaaS for Tada Systems

Building out an enterprise AI-powered SaaS product using AWS for Tada Systems that leverages a novel pipelining of algorithms, one from each of three separate categories of AI/Big-Data challenges.

Why Work With Infolytx?

What Do Our Clients Say About Working With Us?

“No hassles, no back and forth, no misunderstood requirements. My highest recommendations.”

Alex Apollonsky, CTO, Mana Health

“I used Infolytx to develop a proof of concept for an AI product. They succeeded in such a short order that I’ve now contracted Infolytx to do a full SaaS build-out of the product using AWS. They are moving with swiftness indicative of people who know what they are doing.”

Dr. Daniel Miranker, Professor, Serial Entrepreneur & Chief Scientist, TADA Systems

“For the past year, we have been working with Infolytx to develop Machine Learning technology to read data from images of various documents. Infolytx has successfully delivered to us a very tailored data analysis service which has massively improved our efficiency in analyzing the documents we receive from our customers. Their expertise in this field coupled with their skilled team members makes them very easy to work with. I highly recommend Infolytx for any AI projects.”

Kashfia Mahmud, CEO, Shadhin Fintech Solutions

“The team at Infolytx displayed skillful mastery of the job and delivered on-time and on-budget.”

Peter Rødbro, CEO, The Experience Ticket

“This is a team I look forward to working with in the years to come.”

Rafiq Ahmed, Managing Partner, Dipalo Ventures

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business

Bring the Power of AI to Your Business