Infolytx is an enterprise AI solutions company serving SMBs in Healthcare, Retail, and other technology forward organizations. Our expertise is in Machine and Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing,  and Conversational AI. 

Our well-trained and balanced team is composed of Data Scientists, AI and Machine Learning Engineers, Fullstack, Front-end, and Back-end developers supported by a strong complement of QA and DevOps Engineers. We build complete end-to-end solutions for our clients irrespective of the platform. We are fully agile and follow world-class development best practices.


Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Our Processes

Best practices in Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, and TDD ensure that we ship high quality products on time and on target.

Our Portfolio

We build solutions to help healthcare, retail,  and other high-tech companies truly understand and monetize their data.

Our Technologies

We believe in using the most current and best of breed technologies to give our clients top performing software.

Why Infolytx


Our Vision

To be on the leading edge of using data in the healthcare, retail, and other high-tech industries


Our Focus

To handle, combine, clean, mine, interpret, visualize and present data in meaningful ways


Our People

To have the best and the brightest recruited and trained to form high-performing teams


Our Management

To have seasoned veterans of world-class technology firms guide our teams through the toughest challenges

Our Values

To have integrity, transparency and professional ethics in our practice of software development, deployment, and support

Our Promise

To have top-performing software on-time and on-budget, providing value that is on-target