Project Description

My Mindful Buddy: A treatment adherence solution powered by cognitive technologies

My Mindful Buddy draws inspiration from the documented therapeutic effects of ‘therapy dogs’ where an anthropomorphic dog acts a friendly virtual assistant that reminds patients to take their medications. Buddy dispenses general nutrition and wellness advice periodically to build rapport with his patients and is also able to engage in ‘small talk’. Buddy can be integrated with an EHR system and can use the patient information to engage in directed conversations driven by prescriptions and appointments.

Feature Demo: Medication Reminder

Key Features

  • Ability to converse via text and voice
  • Offers prescription driven reminders to take medication
  • Offers appointment driven reminders
  • Offers periodic wellness advice
  • Engages in conversational small talk to enhance application stickiness
  • Powered by Google’s Dialogflow conversational interface
  • Enhanced by our NLP engineers to engage in more complex and nuanced dialog
  • Mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms

Feature Demo: General Health Advice

Feature Demo: Small Talk

Feature Demo: Administration Backend