Project Description

Fit-Everywhere Fitness App

The Circ-It is a total body gym that has been brilliantly engineered to store all of the fitness essentials into one compact case. Designed with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, Circ-It travels easily, allowing one to create a robust, multi-stationed circuit gym anywhere. One can get a complete and robust workout in as little as 20 minutes! Circ-It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced athletes.

Infolytx has developed the companion mobile app, Fit Everywhere, which is loaded with expert guided, instructional content to help remove all of the guesswork from exercise routines. A user can simply select a level of fitness and explore an array of workouts and exercises.One can earn achievements, track  stats, share fit-selfies, and so much more.

The Circ-it Compact Fitness System

The Fit-Everywhere Companion App Demo

Key Features

  • Supports multiple workout categories

  • Shows full video previews of workouts

  • Provides guided and timed workouts

  • Supports various exercise routines for different classes

  • Integrates with the Apple Watch for heartbeat monitoring

  • Tracks exercise history over time

  • Supports social sharing of exercises and pictures