Project Description

Anna Lytx: An intelligent conversational virtual agent

Meet Anna. Anna Lytx.

Anna is our intelligent conversation virtual agent who can help you with all things Infolytx. She can help you learn more about who we are and what we do. She can help you apply for a position with us. She can carry on a conversation with you, joke with you, tell you the weather in Vladivostok, or the time in Tumbuktoo. Anna is our reference implementation that showcases our competency in building conversational virtual agents that can be customized for your business needs. Our expertise in NLP, information extraction, AI and Machine Learning coupled with our experience in developing cognitive agents using multiple frameworks including IBM’s Watson, Google’s Dialogflow, and Amazon’s Alexa will allow us to build just the right agent for you.

Do check out Anna (on the bottom right corner of the page). She is quietly waiting to talk to you!

Key Features

What can Anna do as you converse with her?

  • Able to participate in complex and nuanced conversation, where she understands the context
  • Engage in natural sounding small talk to make the conversation appear engaging
  • Support task-directed conversation as she directs prospective candidates to submit applications for potential positions with Infolytx.
  • Answer who and why questions  from both local and the wider web content by applying NLP and IR techniques to extract answers to who and why question
  • Demonstrate richer and in-context intelligence by the ability to answer questions about the time and weather globally.