Infolytx Launches Clinical Text Annotator™ NLP Solution—Aiding Smaller Clinical Practices in Providing Smarter Clinical Decisions

Innovative new NLP solution helps extract free-form text clinical data into meaningful information to improve patient care and medical practice efficiency

Infolytx, an AI and Machine Learning company, officially released its newest Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution: Clinical Text Annotator™ (CTA), during the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference. Keeping independent and small multi-physician practices in mind, Infolytx CTA extracts, structures and annotates clinical data so that AI and ML applications can be developed for better patient care and effective practice management.

Using its NLP expertise, Infolytx engineers built CTA as a framework for a variety of clinical uses, including:

  • Prediction of heart disease risk from inferences or insights about a patient’s diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and new findings like smoking or alcohol abuse.
  • Quicker identification of clinical trial cohorts from hundreds of electronic health records and several layers of complex trial criteria, lessening clinicians’ time and efforts.
  • Reduction of claims denial by insurers for services rendered by independent and small multi-physician practices.

A demo of the system is now available on the company website for anyone interested in seeing how it works. The company is confident that independent physician practices, whether primary care or disease-specific specialties, will find Infolytx CTA to be a useful tool in building systems that support physicians in providing better care and can also help practices manage their services more efficiently.

“Just as large health systems are incorporating AI-based frameworks such as Amazon’s Comprehend Medical to improve care, we believe smaller or independent practices are interested in similar offerings at a scale that makes sense for them,” said CEO Badrul Husain. “Infolytx is actively looking to partner with these like-minded clinical providers to further develop and customize solutions based on their needs.”

Husain and other Infolytx leadership will be on-site at HIMSS to meet with clinical providers interested in learning more about Infolytx CTA and other relevant offerings.

For more information on how to become a partner, please direct inquiries to the company at [email protected]

About Infolytx 

Infolytx is an AI and Machine Learning company building solutions to help healthcare and other high- tech industries understand and monetize their data to gain crucial insights in a competitive marketplace.

Data that is disparate, structured or unstructured can be integrated, mined, analyzed, visualized, and presented by our expert data engineers and scientists. In building the Clinical Text Annotator™ (CTA), company engineers structured and annotated free-form medical data such as physician’s notes and lab results, and then, applied heuristics and/or machine learning to build custom decision-making applications needed by independent physician practices for better disease predictions amongst other uses. In November 2019, Infolytx was invited to present the core algorithms utilized to drive CTA at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Conference.

For more information, please visit the Infolytx site.