Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Over a staggering 90% of digital data is in unstructured form. Organizations are struggling to derive value from such data which is often in disparate formats.

  • Our experts in Natural Language Processing (NLP), text mining and text analytics are able to extract information from unstructured data in general and clinical data in particular.
  • Familiar with the complexities of clinical data and healthcare standards and ontologies such HL7, SNOMED-CT, ICD-9, ICD 10 and LOINC , our text analytics experts add insights to structured content so that patient data is richer than previously possible supporting greater functionality in billing, decision support, to predictive analytics or population management.

With our ability to extract structured data from free-form text and other unstructured formats, we unlock additional information for actionable insights.

What we can do for you

Extract and normalize clinical concepts from unstructured healthcare data sources

Use advanced NLP to infer relationships, temporal connections, and sentiment

Apply extracted content to enrich data and power more robust analytics