Our Processes

Agile * DevOps * CI/CD * TDD

Our software development tenets

Ship On Time – and as often as possible

Ship On Target – exactly what the client ordered

Ship On Quality – no shortcuts, no compromises

Best Practices

To provide our clients with the highest quality solutions, we follow industry standard best practices to get the right mix:


Our fully agile process allows us to optimize and accelerate cycle time resulting feedback that enters the iteration cycle at the earliest opportunity.


We take agile to the next level by accelerating the development and deployment of working software in short cycles, ensuring release at ANY time.


Our dev and ops teams are involved from the very inception of a project, so that build, test, and release happen more rapidly, frequently, and reliably.


We ensure the solutions we build actually solve what the client wants, minimizing redundant work and giving stakeholders exactly what they want.