Application: My Mindful Buddy

My Mindful Buddy draws inspiration from the documented therapeutic effects of ‘therapy dogs’ where an anthropomorphic dog acts a friendly virtual assistant that reminds patients to take their medications. Buddy dispenses general nutrition and wellness advice periodically to build rapport with his patients and is also able to engage in ‘small talk’. Buddy can be integrated with [...]


Client Application: Fit-Everywhere App

The Circ-It is a total body gym that has been brilliantly engineered to store all of the fitness essentials into one compact case. Designed with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, Circ-It travels easily, allowing one to create a robust, multi-stationed circuit gym anywhere. One can get a complete and robust workout in as little as 20 minutes! [...]


Prototype Application: Augmented Reality – RetailAR

This prototype was produced to showcase our AR, 3D and geo-location capabilities on the Xamarin platform. Retail establishments like pharmacies and other outlets can use RetailAR to showcase in-store promotions, locations in the vicinity and other useful information for their most loyal customers. Key Features The cross-platform solution works on [...]


Application: Augmented Reality – AR Human – The Heart

This prototype was engineered to showcase our ability to bring human anatomy to life. A life-like heart in full 3D pops up when a mobile phone’s camera view hovers above a designated marker. Viewers are struck by the ability to rotate and go “inside the heart chambers” as they view the heart on their mobile screens. [...]